Saturday, December 05, 2009

my Saturday

so,hi u guys
happy Saturday!
im doing quite nothing today.

absolutely relax.i need rest
'cos last nite i was like 'bertungkus lumus' baking, preparing etc. my cuppycakes
order for kak Leeya who's getting ready for her big day
tomorrow.her wedding.
so,she ordered 100 choc flavoured cupcakes for souvenirs and also
16 specially decorated cupcakes for her hantaran on the pahar

totally tired meh
my onichi and i slept at 5.45 a.m. last night
and today,i woke up at 11 a.m. 'cos onichi woke me up for breakfast
today,since there's Bro Tofic,so he's the one who bought our breakfast today
three of us are having nasi kerabu while Bro Tofic had his nasi lemak

looking forward to see some movies afterwards,waiting for zul
gonna call someone after this
wanna hangout or maybe do some shopshop with syakirah
Onichi and Bro Tofic already left to Jengka
'cos they're gonna hand over the cuppacakeys Kak Leeya ordered from me
...and also they wanted to see their parents'

err i guess that's all for now
i'll update my blog soon
muuuachs~! >.<


  1. best nye cupcakes. gmbar mane??

  2. hehe.nk tgk pics ke khay
    oke oke nnt beck post kat next entry ek
    muah muah muuuachs!


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