Saturday, December 19, 2009

we love to eat...say no to CHICKEN

wani,zul and i went to Mid Valley yesterday
we bought some more BRAs ha-ha
we loooove BRAs

we also love to eat,indulge ourselves with food ha-ha
e had our lunch at Kenny Roger's Roasters

but i didnt eat the chicken
just the side dishes
the rest wani and zul ate for me kikiki U.U

iced lemon tea for wani and Coke for Zul

this was my iced Chocolicious milk

wani's scrumptious quarter meal wt garlic parsley potato,macNcheese,coleslaw

zul' usual
half black pepper chicken
....just chicken
mine ; pasta salad,mac N cheese it garlic parsley potato lain yg makan ha-ha


  1. haha.rilek khay,rilek.
    ni dh mkn nasik lom?
    g mkn nuh
    nnt xpsl2,bc blog pn blh jd lapa


here some bla bla bla for u...

BERRY link

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