Saturday, December 05, 2009

our raya haji the 3rd of 2009

it's on our hari raya aidiladha the 3rd
the eleven of us went to a wedding
it's the Big Day for mom's cousin... stepcousin to be exact
hold on...there are 12 of us including Bro Tofic
ngehehehe XD

held at their very own house at Taman Guru,very close to our house
in Kuantan before...which was located at Tmn Sepakat,Kuantan :)
so, here are some pictures taken on that day
we had so much fun
mom's cousin,kak Masriani looked so very happy
we're happy for u too kak Ani.
we wished that your marriage will stays happily till death do both of u part.

Syakirah and i

this is Kak Masriani.isnt she looked gorgeous...?!!
love the black and white beaded designer long kebaya

mom,bari'ah and i
we're so happy to be here
it's been a while our family havent met Mak Cik Mah (mom's aunt)
since we moved out from Kuantan to Kelantan

mom and i
mom's assistant and her staffs used to call me "Che Dah Muda"
like mother,like daughter right XD

syakirah's rawr and mom

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