Saturday, March 20, 2010

Here we go and go again

I throw out all your stuff away. Then I cleared u out of my head. I teraed u out of my heart. And u know all your messages. I told everyone we had thru,coz I'm so much better without u. But it just another pretty lie coz I breakdown. Everytime u come around. How did u get here under my skin. Swore that I never let u back in. We're falling together,to think it by now I know coz here we go,go,go again. The harder I try, I know I can't quit. There's something about u is so addicted. We're falling together to think it by now I know coz here we go again.
U never know what u want. And u never said what u need. But I start to go and said everytime that u look at me. U only hear half of what I said,and u always showing up too late. But I guess that I should say goodbye but it's no used. Can't be with or without u.

P/s:u know how deep my love to you,love.forgive me for what I've done wrongdoings.I know u still love me and do realise that.please gimme a chance.I gave u so many chances,can't u grant as this one of mine?we've been thru almost everything.thru thick and thin.why can't this one.
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