Wednesday, March 31, 2010

so,i did composed you a song

it's been like almost 2months
i composed this song
but still,it's incomplete
u always whining about me composing songs to my friend
but a actually did composed some of u and us
it's just
i don't have the guts to tell u about it
i hope that u understand
so,about the song
i meant,this song i wrote
it's nothing
i know it might sounds a bit silly
but,it's my deeper conversation that i had deep down in my heart
i hope that you'll love it as much as i do
it means a lot to me if i like it
until today,i'm still thinking about the perfect title for the song
got couples of title that i got here,but
can't decide it yet
gonna let you hear it soon
i can't guarantee u that i'll bring along my guitar
but,you'll see.
and i hope that u like it

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