Wednesday, March 10, 2010

it's your song

Dear Syakirah,

last night,kakak started watching The Vampire Diaries series.
as kakak watched the 1st episode,Pilot
...i heard  the sound of your song
the song that Ilah asked kakak to hear last month
it was The Management MGMT's Control Yourself
it reminds me of you
how Ilah love the song so much
owh Allah,kakak miss u so much..please protect my baby sister
Pls be home soon.
we can watch this series together.
kakak will be waiting for you


  1. Tet tet tet te tette net te net teng.

  2. kesian beck..
    banyak berdoa dan bersabar
    harap adik beck balik dengan selamat.

  3. @hyde's the 'Tet tet tet te tette net te net teng' song.

    yea sarah.thnks for yr sympathy.
    beck pn berharap dia balik cepat dlm keadaan selamat


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