Friday, March 26, 2010

such a weird dream

twas last night
i dreamt about me and a friend of mine, having my frapp at Starbucks
i ordered a grande frapp which turned into a venti frapp
and i dnt have enough money to pay it
and,i asked the barista that in-charged to pay me the insufficient balance
silly dream.


  1. mmg.
    suka hati je kan
    which will never happened in today's world

  2. Guess what, aku mimpi World War 3 tadi. Lepas tu aku kena pindah pergi New Jersey. Ada ape kat sana?

  3. woot..?
    kau bia btol dude

    World war III plak tuh
    jap nk check history
    New Jersey eyh.
    org kate world War III ade resemblance ngn nuclear holocaust tp...
    New Jersey tu
    tade pape lah.
    kau je byk pkir.
    dok kutuk world of warcraft beck,skali mimpi world war HAHA


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