Saturday, August 21, 2010

family gathering.

that's wani. one of my cousins. my favourite cousin. peace-ing while im on my effort to snap the happiness we cherished during this day. the day that ayah invited us all, family members in KL to gather up for family break fasting at ayah's house in bandar tun razak. everyone was there. got bonda, ciksu, cik c, even kak long. so happy to gather up again like this. we had nasi ayam, ibu's specialty. there were soy milk with cincau, bandung, honey dew drinks. our homemade popiah, and as y'all can see got akok there, buah melaka, currypuffs and cik c even bought a box of 6 Dunkin Donut's doughnuts. also got tepung pelita and mini roti john, homemade you know. so many things lah to be listed. but of alls, we had a great time. seeing and catching up on each other. cant wait to catch my flight to KB soon on the next weekend. i miss mom, baba, my brothers and sisters. and also as syakirah is home now, am so can wait no longer. 

x x x x

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