Thursday, August 12, 2010

Baby. Philly.

it was supposed to be a blessed friday.
we were supposed to be happy.
getting ready to head home to cheras.
you were supposed to get your groom that day.
and on that day,
we were supposed to see dr mell with our sweetest smile.
we were supposed to get you the new costume from bali.
you were suppose to be sprayed with that fragrant pet cologne.
and we were supposed to get you married.
i am supposed to have a great chat with dr mell.
talking about you, baby.
all nice things about you.
laughing and giggling.
i am supposed to cuddle you until we reach cheras.
i am supposed to let you run and wandering all over the vet clinic.
you were supposed to play along with kikapoo and other cats there.

but it was the day.
it was that day.
the day that i didnt realize.
that you'll be taken away from me.
i never realize it.
until that day just came.
on that particular friday.
 it was supposed to be a blessed friday.
he took you away from me.

i am so not happy at all.
tears all over my face.
flowing on my both cheeks.
cant stop flowing, even for a sec.
i dont want to get back to cheras without you.
i refuse to do almost everything.
all i wanna do at that time is,
i wanted to spend all my time that left with you.
but i didnt know that the time is too short.
that i didnt realize it was going to be the day you left me, baby.
you didnt get the grooming sesh as planned.
we rushed to dr mell, not with our sweetest smile.
but with tears, pain and misery.
as i drove you to the vet, i contacted dr mell as many ways as i could.
text, email, yahoo massenger, calls.
am sorry cause i knocked dr mell's door that hard.
so hard that i freaked her out.
all because of you baby.
i cant accept that costume from bali.
i cant smell that fragrant pet cologne.
i cant see you got married.
i cant have that great chit chats with dr mell about you.
i cuddled nothing until i reach cheras.
i cant see you playing with kikapoo and the other cats in the vet.
no more.
because baby,
coz youre gone now.
youre no longer with me.
you left me with no words.
all that i have now is your toys, your litter box,
your scoops, your cage, your travelling cage etc.
i gave out your kibbles to the strays.
tears falling again.
mommy misses you baby.

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