Friday, August 13, 2010

Ramadhan the 2nd.

i went back. nobody ask me to. i just wanna get back to cheras. so that i can save more, ya know. can buka puasa with my sister and brother in law. during buka puasa i got fresh soy milk and currypuffs. different from the forst day of Ramadhan break fasting. onichi cook this super delish ayam masak pedas. thou i cant eat chicken, but still the taste was superb. speaking of break fasting. i'd love to tell y'all about my menu i hadduring the first Ramadhan. as i missed kelantan so much, i got myself all kelantanese cuisine that i love the most. i bought kueh akok, nasi kerabu and beef murtabak. nothing can go against these three. they reminds me a lot of Kelantan. am so missing home right now. wish that i could fly home. but not yet. i'll fly home with AirAsia this August the 25th for the first time. never fly with AirAsia before. really hoping that the service is okay by the time i fly with them. so, enough about that.
it feel so good and just right break fasting with the family, you know. and am so glad that i can do that with my sister. and that makes me think about syakirah. mya nother sister. i wonder what she's been doing right now. is she's fasting. how she's been doing and stuffs. i just miss her a lot. wish that she will come back home very soon. i did get calls from here once in a while. but,  ... i dont know.
am still mourning philly's death. everything that i do reminds me of her. sadly that i cant get her back and she cant experience this bless Ramadhan here with me.
ohh baby, mommy misses u a lot.

x x x x

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