Saturday, August 21, 2010


Hey y'all. Happy fasting and happy Thursday. Gawsh. It's been like weeks I haven't updated my blog. And I truly missed doing this blogging. How's everybody been doing lately? And are you guys doing ☺kay this month of Ramadhan? Very hoping that y'all just fine and I really hope we'll get thru this fasting month with patience and good health. Well for me, am doing all good except for I got ulcers starting on Ramadhan the 5th. T_T. Can never imagine y'all. Three ulcers all at once. Damn hurt. I got twins on my upper right lip and one sticking on the gum on my lower left jaw. Hurting me each everyday. I hardly smile coz that will stretchen out my lips and DANG! That hurts, man. Until last night, my friend been rumbling abt my ulcer. They ask me to put salt on 'em to heal faster. I have no bonjela, so I've decided to go with my friends and hsemate's suggestion.
And you know what. As I put a lil amount of salt on one of the twins, the other ulcer bleed like hell. God. The salt was like almost killed me. I cried hard. Even Sha cant stand seeing me crying because of the ulcers. i suffered you know. But still few days after, the ulders still there...annoys me, giving me hard time to smile, more else distracting me while am in my fasting month. Thank God so far, am strong enough to be distracted by these annoying killing ulcers.

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  1. salt and cotton buds, they'll help you feel less pain and more kebasness. but it's ok, it'll heal faster with salt. rindu mu beck!

  2. got the kebasness eyh if i use salt with the cotton buds?
    i should try.
    they's still there la razan.
    migrating in my mouth, cutting my lips.
    makes me suffer.
    i'll gv another try with the salt then.
    rindu mu even more sayams!


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