Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Who's that girl...?

This is it. I meant her. Emmi Natasha. A blogger, just like me. We knew thru blogging. I'd like to link yall her blogpage but sadly it's a private blog. Aihh. Anyways. The deal had been made like for weeks. We planned to hang out together since we've been communicating with each other thru YM, Twitter, and of course Facebook. Frankly, in the virtual world. We did exchanged our mobile numbers, right before my BF's little sister' engagement day so that if I attended the event we could meet there. Unfortunately I was freaking busy and cant make it to the engagement ceremony. But then... look. You see. We finally met. Emmi just finished with her final examination for this semester and we planned to meet right after she done with the papers. I promised her Tutti Frutti treats and I did kept my words. Ngeee XD. Super happy to finally see each other that day. I picked her up with WRN at her hostel in IIUM, I was pretty nervous back there. Well, havent see each other kan. :P But then as we started to talk and chit chat, not a single awkwardness gloom in me. Hee. We talked about almost everything. I was like, I wished I didnt even wanna drive, just talk and chit and chat till I puke bhaha. Had such a great time wih Emmi. And am so ecstatic to be the person to introduce Tuti Frutti to Emmi. She have been craving for it for so long *that's what she told me la* and plus, I was super crazy with this froyo, I absolutely gone insane la with it hihi.  Shortly, thank you Emmi for the time. If I wanna tell yall every single thing we did on that day, ....idk. So many to tell. Hihi. But to finally meet Emmi was super FUN!

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