Wednesday, April 08, 2009


each and every day i've waited
everytime i tune in to Radio Disney
keep listening to Hannah Montana THE MOVIE's
  • trailer on air
  • Red Carpet's flashbacks
  • soundtracks
  1. taylor swift's crazier .....u lift my feet off the ground,spin me away,u make me crazier crazier
  2. miley cyrus's the climb...aint about how fast i get there,aint about what's waiting on the other's the climb
  3. hannah montana's let's get crazy....Just be couragous, this styles contagious
    Everyone can rock out like a superstar...let's get crazy
  4. miley cyrus's hoedown throwdown...boom boom clap boom de clap de clap
  5. ...and many more [rascall flatts also available]
give me goosebumps...
cant wait cant wait cant wait

june,pls do come quick.

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