Wednesday, April 29, 2009

it's raining and i'm a bit bored

yes,it is raining outside while this entry is posted. 
i am having this lame feeling, my mind starts to creep in a very slow mode, small and tiny paces, going no where.
what am i going to do today??
well, i think i can take a nap for a while.. no no no no. a big 'no-no' over there because i rarely sleep at daytime because it can cause a total headache when i woke up. 

so, turn on the tv. haaa, merah puteh is  airing haha. 
that drama do reminds me of khay, who told me she fell in love with merah... kah kah kah. khay that's funny. khay, i will help you to get up if you 'fell' again. 
funny funny.
had a great chat in YM [Yahoo! Massenger] with hanif, my lil bro. 
miss my family so much.

i guess i should stop now.
since, i'm kinda lack of idea now
have a pleasant Wednesday everyone!!

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