Saturday, April 04, 2009

whoa~ cant wait...totally~!! |(U_U)|

well hello everyone out there!
haha i got something special today

as i listened to Radio Disney yesterday,
i found out that there was
Hannah Montana THE MOVIE premier screening.
There are Hannah Montana casts,red carpets etc.

here i put Hannah Montana THE MOVIE trailer.
enjoy u guys.

in cinemas starting this April10th
the worst part is i found out that
Hannah Montana THE MOVIE will out in Malaysia's
cinema in June. [aw,man~!]
i'll wait for u,hannah!


  1. june? alah lmbat nyeee .tasabar jugak nk tgk :D

  2. maira.adreanna:tu pasal la...sgt lambat.cess({_{)...jom tgk maira..


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