Sunday, April 19, 2009


its been a while i havent put myself in my kitchen
well, i went home to kelantan last saturday
but before that im at kuantan
staying at onichi's
so,while in kelantan did i went to the kitchen
...sometimes haha
i do make some pancakes during
breakfast for my family :)
miss u,kitchen so much

now,i got my lil sis,syakirah with me
she followed me to KL since...
...she passed her driving test and now she's a driver
[ i care.ngeh3~]

few days past,we went to klcc to watch
PAUL BLART:Mall hillarious haha :))
and we also did grab a minute
to Kinokuniya and i found this book
haha.hit me if u guys have opinion about this book
by just looking at the picture

...Skinny Bitch in The Kitch...
the title was inviting and thank god i didnt bought it haha

and below are some of our adegans haha

...and this is syakirah..SPM leaver's everyone haha

p/s:we did bump into manap...and had quite a long chat with him while waiting for zul hik3... thanks manap for everything...
p/s:actually i did call my sidekick before that,but he didnt picked up.but maybe my mistakes for calling his maxis number.thou its ringing,maybe he's busy...or maybe...maybe he's no longer using that phone...maybe...*haih*

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