Wednesday, April 01, 2009

in my field of paper flower~

woke up late again...
im so tired of waking up late
cause it could turn my yellow day to BLUE
gawsh,im tired of being a not-an-early-riser
missed my PLC class today.what a shame

this morning,about 9.17am..ciksu knocked my
door.she asked about my finals,and i told her
that finals havent started yet.but,coming soon
ish~!...butterflies butterflies
then she gave me a Japan Union Shopping
Company's(formerly known as JUSCO)
shopping bag.i asked her,"what's this".then she
replied,"a lil somethin somethin for u".i found
out there's a pink pyjamas big tee a.k.a nightshirt
in it.

p/s: i blacked out the price cos it's natha importante and i know
that u guys out there do aware about the price haha...

i cant believe,i thanked her...and she said there's
Big Apple doughnuts as well in the box of 6 in the kitchen
with free coupons etc. again.thanking her.then she left
for work with her Vios.hurm...again.alone.looking for
my paper bored.woke amy's up.get my
morning shower.grab a bite of Big Apple's Iceberg
and a sip of my morning tea.

my senggugut is killing me,but nothin i can do.
just sit in a mute person.
....i miss my mom~


  1. ktorg d gak jual kt kl..
    ktorg jual kt kl,seremban, n melaka..
    tgk gak la gig cmne..
    bru2 ni ktorg g kl..
    4 april ni kt melaka
    11 april kt mlaka gak..

  2. oke shira.yeah,maybe..
    maybe sumtimes...

  3. bere bere clothing oke,thnks for the info.i'll be looking forward for more of u guy's cloth line


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