Monday, August 31, 2009

back to kelantan and here it is~!!

KL --> Kuantan --> Kelantan --> KL exhausted
moving out of KL at 3a.m. and arrived at Indera Mahkota 14,Kuantan at about 5.15a.m.
pretty late plusminus 25 mins coz we made quite some pit stops as we're tired that night
had sahur made by onichi as soon as we arrived so that we could make it
gerak to kelantan at 3p.m. and arrived at Kelantan around 11 o'clock
thank goodness mom still awake

mom told us that she's gonna held a majlis buka puasa for the whole neighbourhood on the next day
gladly ^^
cnt really help much
i got my cold
but still did made myself to fetch bari'ah,syukri and iqbal at school
after that,i collapsed
a totalled
everyone was participating
hand in hand
helping each other
here was awesome
during my collapse,mom put a wet baby towel on my forehead
i was sleeping and didnt realized at first
mom said that i was restless during my sleep,maybe caused by the headache i got
during the buka puasa;
great food,good people,wonderful moment
our menu;
**kuih puteri mandi
**sirap bandung with grass jelly
**caramel pudding
**mixed kerabu
**home-made ayam goreng berempah
**sup ayam
** ma's very own sambal
**white rice
**marble pudding
**gulai daging

we really had a blast thou im so not feeling well enough
so happy to meet everyone

the next day,headed straight to KL with onichi and bro tofic together with syakirah

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