Friday, August 28, 2009

2nd ramadhan;buka puasa at pizza hut KLCC

syakirah,zul and i had our buka puasa at Pizza Hut was great and we're so happy.unfortunately i had to send syakirah to her campus at Shamelin as the next day she got class and her weekend was already over.

syakirah,waddaya looking for actually...?
that's kakak's strawberry purse you're holding.

we went to Kinokuniya first,coz i need to buy some great books there haha

i suap-ed her

... and she suap-ed me too huhu ^^

zul...he bought a book too

kakak knew that u're hungry.cmon,dnt do such face...hahaha,just kidding
these are what we're having

to quench our thirst

soup,large platter,garlic bread....a must

again with the sisters XD

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