Saturday, August 01, 2009

poink poink te-poink~

well well well
look what we have here
some snapsnap-s
it's occured on july 30th actually
salsya wanted to have her 'bkak puasa' again...with me
so,we were like discussing and discussing until
salsya came out with a brilliant idea
she said something like this,
"ape kate kita cookcook kat rumah kau,then aku bkak puasa kt sana"
so,i was like,whoa!! bijakbijak

so i picked her up at one of IIUM's bus stop,near the lady's so-called reacreation hall
and off we head to jusco Wangsa Maju again.
i planned to cook pasta for salsya's buka puasa
so i bought San Remo's spaghetti,Prego's Tomato Puree,meatballs(planning to buy mince meat and roll my very own meatball,but there's no minced beef,i bought the ready-to-cook-meatballs),chicken drummet,canned button mushroom,some snacks and Twister's duo drinks.

after we finished with the ingredients,
we rode my scootie mootie to my house.
preparing for the pasta coz it's already 6.35 p.m.
salsya fried those chic drummets and i prepared for the pasta
since salsya will be having a sleepover at my house so,she changed into my 'baju kelawar' instead any of my nightshirts coz she said she needed something loose and comfy

my long hair------short oredi~

salsya slept at 4.30a.m. in the morning coz she's watching Hannah Montana The movie and Beverly Hill's Chihuahua after we had our 27 Dresses before that

friggin freak

my morning,wakey2
we woke up at 10.30 a.m that day
cik su already left early at 8a.m. .....maybe..... for work

after we finished with our breakfast...or brunch...or lunch...whatever

slurp~ slurp~

maple syrup...lite one,good for health ha-ha
for our pancakes


salsya never had my pancakes before
so,that day...pancake takes the cakes hahaha
..and she said it was fabulous and so yummy~
weeee~! ^^

here comes the spaghetti...
extraextra super mooshie mushrooms
thick sauce for my spaghetti..cant wait~

pasta for bkak puasa...nyum nyum yummie~


  1. looks so yummy! kalo cmni khay nk bukak pose kt rumah beck jugak! haha


  2. beck!!!nak!!!(airlior meleleh sket..haha!)

  3. khay:not only the 'looks' but taste fabulous too haha
    yea,come and bkak puase kt umah beck la.hahha

  4. yes,cik tggu awk balik KL.nnt kita buat party breakfast kat titiwangsa buat pancakes and ape2 lg yg best utk kita
    sy dh lm xjmpa awk.
    lame sgt3

  5. beckk....bilo ak nk try air tngn mu nih??huhu.sedapnye la syasya bley manjo nga mu sokmo..ak?? laa jauh sgt nga ak~

  6. aduuh,doh tu nok wak gano ni serin la juh nge aku
    salsya meme manjo nge aku
    ni,esk mu join dop?
    nk wi present mu nih
    kkulat doh aku sipe haha :))

  7. esk ak x join la..xdok geng nk g..iss ad modul. mc dee ad kijo..huk3. lenkali la cayam..tbik skali ngn trex etek sek kito huhu

  8. ni bia btol
    xkan shah alam xleh mari
    ore lain luar KL mari
    jom ah
    xkan xdop sapo kot
    fadhli ado.
    aku lamo dh xjupo mum
    lgpn,klau tubik ngn trex tu laen
    ni gather bdak mrsm kkrai
    plish plish


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