Saturday, August 08, 2009

we're the weekenders

the weekenders eyh?
me ; dear zul ;syakirah
...... and yes,syakirah is my baby sister

we went out
i promised her to see the movies
and we headed straight to the One Utama[OU]
....without any hesitation

which movie i've waited such months
and came up

we also went to Jaya Jusco to bought 3pillows
so damn fluffy,and comfy
...for zul,syakirah and also 1 for me
coz it was like there's a quite huge promo for pillows and bedroom stuffs
and we're so thrilled
so,we bought some
...since syakirah really wanted another extra pillows thou she's already had so many pillows
...and zul said he really wnted a brand new pillow for himself
...and for me,i just wanted a pillow
and now my bed will be filled with pillows and i cant even sleep on my own bed haha
that's all

after we had our movies,
i was like craving for ice cream
and so we went to Baskin Robbin's
(what's ya flava;ooooh what's ya flava;baby what's ya flava;hey boy,what's ya flava~? ha-ha)

and after so,
we headed home
but first,gotta buy some meal for syakirah's supper ha-ha
i tapaw-ed KFC,Dinner plate as it been her all time fav.
haha then zul sent me home


  1. lalala~ best nye jalan2! mkn aiskrim lgi plak tuh.

    mane gmbr bntal??????????????


  2. tu la khay
    sungguh nikmat pada hari berkenaan haha

    gambr encik bantal?
    adoi,xde la
    nnt2...klau beck borong bantal lg skali,beck snap piccas haha

  3. trex:huh?bagi doh la ko awok,trex
    sy hulur doh tu eskrem
    tggu awok amik jah ^^


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