Sunday, August 09, 2009

days with salsya

smile :)

our sand arts that we made

come and have this creamy mooshie tasty soup with me hehe

giiiiiirl~,u got issues hahahaha

my TOFU~

gawsh,i just had to....just for the sake of salsya
and in fact,her treat
so,worth the moment...i guess.
but before bed i really had to take my medication
my o my

our lunch for the day

salsya,u should stick with me...not that freakin friggin wall

tadaaa~ ^^


  1. salsya!!!!
    lmo dh ak xjpo dio
    beck kim sale ko salsya deh..huhuhu

  2. yeaaaa,it's salsya la wa
    ho la.
    berkurun doh mu xjupo dio
    jom la KL klu mu free
    utp bkn jauh mano pon hehe
    insyaallah,nnt beck kim sale ko dio


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