Saturday, September 26, 2009

back to dailies

arrived in KL 2days ago.. Thursday morning,at about 10a.m.
...together along my younger bro,adib
meanwhile my baby sister,syakirah will be in KL on the next day, Friday
lots of rearrangements and stuffs need to be done
but well,that's just it
fasting month is over,had our raya also

im so talking about my RAYA.

gotta back to my dailies as usual
on the day i arrived,im so doing nothing but rest
i need tonnes of rest
my neighborhood still seems quiet as i assumed that everyone still at their kampung
i unpacked my bag and parcels
preparing to give some cookies for zul as he was asking and looking forward having cookies that i've made
bla ba bla bla...
a bit spring cleaning for my house
i also went out on that Thursday
buying some groceries and needs at AEON Cheras Selatan a.k.a JJ Balakong

on Friday,
as syakirah arrived at 4.45a.m.,i opened the door and greet bonda,my 4th aunt on mom's side
during the day;
i have made pancakes for breakfast with mango juice
together along choc drizzle,honey,maple syrup,chunky peanut butter for the pancakes
as for lunch,i made vermicelli with thick pasta sauce with chicken meatballs,chopped onions and sausages
then we off to send adib as he'll be leaving to UUM

bundles of tasks needs to be completed
also some thrash and junkies to be thrown
really a lot of works
but can never say much
that's my dailies
back to basics

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