Tuesday, September 15, 2009

today at the pavillion KL and Suria KLCC

went to The Pavillion KL
since im having my off-day and zul as well dont wanna go to work
so,we went out
first,we went to ASNB
then straight ahead to The Pavillion KL
dunno what to do
stepped into Padini Concept Store
it's been a while i havent been to any Padinis since
i found out that Padini's apparel didnt suit me well enuff
...in all of sudden,i saw a pair of flatties at the new arrival section
and fell in love wt it
so,one Vincci flatties....SOLD
haha it was so cute(as for me la) hehe
and the price was only rm45 and my size 6 was available

arent they the cutest haha :))

thenkeep on wondering in that concept store until,
i found a PDI polo tshirt
so cute
cuter in white-yellow,no S size n there's some stain on it
so i bought the red one with some white-s hihi

never been this glad to hv a PDI cz i actually dnt really like PDIs

we also went to ROXY
and im obviously looking for a purse
coz i had never had a purse since my 5times loss
so,i found these two purse which were so fabulous at the New Arrival shelf
one that could fit my BLACKBERRY in it
and the other one was so chic folded purse in earthy-brown pattern
urghh,i cnt tke 'em both
so,zul suggest to pick the black ROXY that could fit my Blackberry in it
and he'll buy the other purse for me next week
i was leaping hopping skipping like WHOA at that time
haha so thrilled

my blackberry looks very happy with it new 'house' haha

then,we went to KINOKUNIYA KLCC to buy some books of my favs
it's been like a month i havent buy any new reading source hihi
so,i bought 4new books
lovin' em~!! ^^

here are them ;

Nightworld:No.3 by L.J Smith

Nightworld:No.1 for haidar cz i already got book 1 and 2

House Of Night Novel:HAUNTED

Percy Jackson:Sea Of Monsters


  1. ala khay
    bosan la time nih
    tataw nk wat ape

    ckp org cam dia xshopping jek hakhak


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