Saturday, September 19, 2009

Serting Tyrant incoming trip.

Dengar sini semua orang-orang kampung!
Due to your full cooperation previously, I can proudly announce that i already have all the details you need for this trip!

Date: 11 - 13th Dec 2009

Venue: Lyana Villa, Lot 4439, Teluk Nipah, Pangkor, Pulau Pangkor 32300, Malaysia

Departure: assemble near SK Taman Permata, Kuala Lumpur at 12 midnight, 11th Dec (directions will be provided later)

Revised fees: RM110/pax

Deposit: RM50/pax

Mode of payment: MAYBANK - 164717042692 - Ahmad Murshidi Mohamad

Added details:
- fees tu tambah RM5 sebab kita na pegi during school holiday (peak period), sorry for wrong information before yah!

- Lyana Villa tu resort, dekat dengan beach, and dekat dengan stalls for us to dine! so dont worry, you will not starve!

- If you all mahu buat BBQ malam sabtu tu, we can ask the resort to organize for us, tapi kena tambah RM20/pax, inclusive of Nasi goreng, drinks, ikan, udang, sotong and all the seafood you can eat! Please decide whether you all na buat atau tak, n include your decision in the name submission. Tapi KALAU confirm na buat BBQ ni, each n everyone kena bayar +RM20 tau, NO EXCEPTION. *note the 'KALAU'*

- macam aku da bagitahu haritu, untuk sesiapa yang na pegi snorkling and island hopping, kena tambah RM10/pax sahaja. ini exceptional, to those yang mahu sahaja.

1) sesiapa yang berminat sahaja, please submit your details as shown below:

IC no:
Contact No:

kalau you ada na bawak partner, tolong isi your patner punya details sekali. ini untuk kegunaan management and na bagi pada JPJ (tak termasuk soalan BBQ tu lah). Latest submission BEFORE 15 OCT 2009.

2) Upon confirmation, you are required to pay the deposit BEFORE 1 NOV 2009 to the above account no. Please take note that deposit is NON REFUNDABLE. Balance is to be paid BY/BEFORE 15 NOV 2009. Please text BOB at 013 7975470/017 7438087 or SHIDI at 017 7070528 once payments (deposit n balance) are made for record purposes. (kalau da confirm, jangan gatal-gatal na backoff ek, jgn susahkan orang kampung! nanti deposit korang kitorang ENJOY kat sane. haha c:)

3) Availability of 44 seats based on first come first serve basis. Even if seats have been filled up, please continue registering incase of any last minute backoffs. You guys will be put under waiting list.

For further info, do contact me thru this topic /Facebook message / /

p/s:beck copy from ZARF yg copy paste from FB discussion Serting Tyrant,cik ros...pliz take note bout this.let's go togethergether.washaa also.


  1. shidi: haha thanks ye bek tolong spread this out., anyway your bf jadi pegi tak? kalo jadi jangan lupa isi particulars die yek :-)

  2. hehe no problems
    uh?my bf?
    ha,tu la
    oke nnt beck submit his details
    ngehe ^^

  3. yeah..noted!
    sy ni sgt la org penting..ramai btol yg nak sy pegi..haha! :D

  4. so,cnne cik ros,awk pegi x?
    jgn 'noted' jek.


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