Monday, February 14, 2011

It's all for you.

Yes dear. Nothing in this world that I do aint for you. You know how deep I care about you. How much I put my love on you. But then, dont you ever dare to compare of how big is my love to you among people surrounding me. You should know me. You should know me better. For almost 5 years weve been together. And yes. Dont you ever compare me with the other girls that you ever knew, seen. Because if you do, you just put me into a condition. I mean situation where I can never accept, I believe, as it is a disgrace towards me. Am sorry. I just dont really know how to put it nicely. But that is exactly how I feel if you do so.

And as for today, thank you for everything. I had a great time even the movie was too crappy for us. But yeah, sometimes silly movies could burst out our tautness into joy. And I kinda like it. Hope you enjoy the treat. And yeah, mine was better right dear. So next time I wanna give you a surprise, I should know better. Though I cant have the you for the whole day. I know youre in a rush.
So okay.
Am gonna continue with my Grammy Awards.
Send my best to Nadia.
Love you as always.
Nothing compares to the way I feel when I'm with you, because every time you smile, I smile too ♥ (:

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