Monday, February 14, 2011

Shaun The Sheep

Yeah. Am now watching this on Disney Channel. Yall should watch it sometimes. This has been my fav programme since am a HUGE fan of Disney's. So, now watching. Dont really know what to do, so I just sit here posting an entry. On my lap there's papaya cutlets that i prepared hours ago. Actually I decided to blend a smoothie right before bed but as I found out that... aih, not yet sleepy so, I take the papaya cutlets and makan.
Ohh what yall are up to now. I believe yall are snoozing like a slowpoke now. Bhaha. So not sure what am I actually mumbling here, so I guess I should stop.
So, bye!

p/s:  finished with my papaya. now gonna cont watching my Shaun.

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