Saturday, February 05, 2011

More entry to be posted.

Ohh. Hey all. Yes. Me here. Safely landed on KBR from KUL two days ago. Too lazy to post about what's happening as I reached KBR. Soon la ehh. Hihi. Dont worry. I'll keep yall updated in a few. As am about to tell you is, I just finished making kek batik couple of minutes ago. And surprise, surprise... I've been practicing wearing the kain batik on my very own. Ha-ha. So new to me as Mom always told me that she can never imagine seeing me in a proper kain batik, put on in a proper way, nicely fold as it should be (not such sewed as paired with baju Kurung okayy). So, as I put on my batik sarong... then I decide to make a kek batik. I was quite bored just now and that derived me to bake or make something. I'll say a treat. Plusminus after 15mins, I finished with my kek batik and I sat down, had a glass of refreshing soy milk... then I realized that #bhaha, I was wearing my batik sarong while making my kek batik. As Smelly text-ed, "Hehe...buat kek batik, pakai kain batik. Ohh so sexy."

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