Thursday, February 10, 2011

I said, "No!"

No. I wont let you control my fate. Will never let you. While im holding the weight of the world on my conscience.
No. I wont just sit here and wait while you weighing your options. Your making a fool of me.
No.You didn't dare to try and say you don't care. And solemnly swear not to follow me there.
No. It aint like me to beg on my knees or, "Please, oh baby please...". That's not how am doing things.
Yes, you should know.
No, am not upset, no am not angry. I know love is love and love sometimes, it doesn't pays me. Most of the time love pains me.
No. I'm never without you, I'll always be with you. You'll never forget me, am keeping you with me
No. I wont let you take me to the end of my row, to the end of my world, to the end of my life. Or keep burning and torching my soul.
No, am not your puppet. And positively NO, I wont let you go off of me.

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