Friday, May 01, 2009

may 1st oredi

month of may is approaching no no.not approaching
it's already may the 1st
silly billy lilly becky me.
well may the 1st is widely known as the
Labour Day here in Malaysia
so, i guess everyone deserves
a day off today
but i believe there are some
job out there that need no rest and day-off
pity pity pity

and one more important thing
may the 1st is happen to be my lil bro, ADIB's
birthday!!! ya ya ya!

well well well
look who we have here
it's ADIB.
just finish his foundation year
which he was actually
a student of Pahang Matriculation College
that situated in Gambang
Congratz bro.kakak believe your pointer
will be the bestest hihihi
accouting is your expertise right

//adib and kakaaang~//

so, to ADIB
happy 19th Birthday to you
kakak will always pray for your success
you know that kakak do love you
no matter what
we'll together for ever
if there's anything that adib need from kakak
adib know what to do right
adib always know kakak best
haha...we are the survivor in online games since years
yeah,that's the spirit!!
haha play online games from mid-day till 7am
...and also until our laptop blacked out haha

//look at us,while we're lil...the one that's not cute was kakak and u're so adorable..//

//look at u and mom...happy grilling haha//

kakak just love us (>.<)
so,adib remember Allah will be with us
and we shall never forget Allah.
dont ever loosen up with our family
we love us,OK!

when kakak reach home,i'll baked u huge cake oke! (n,n)v
...or maybe we'll buy one =P


  1. oowss.. kite x kerja ok. so, no labour day lah for us.. khay tau beck kmpem ade subjek g nk blaja. ngehehehehe....

    hah, happy besday to ur lil bro ya! nnt passing cake xkesa la msk sndri or beli okai! haha

  2. alaaaa...huk3 khay ni.beck nk cuti la.
    yup.ade lagi data comm and control systems.

    yea,thanks khay.nnt dia bkak blogpage ni...mesti dia suke sbb khay ade wish hihi

    okai...insyaAllah akan di passing passing kan kek itew


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