Monday, February 22, 2010

Eya;the good friend of mine

She left me for her own good
Happened on 2007 if I'm not mistaken
A good friend of mine
It's eya
I miss you like hell...we used to go grab lunch together during our freshmen tumblebugs on your lappy...if u can still remember...thou we're not in the same section,but still in the same course right..I miss your Lee jeans and tshirts u usually wear...listening and singing to MCR is what we're best long,it's been a while.a period of time since then....then there's today.I got a short text message from you.hi-ing my just like before...ouh good god,He gave me you.I can never believe's really u.she called me earlier than she told me the time that she'll called....she said that she's going to give a call tonight,but instead of that she,ya know...30mins ago. Urghh I miss eya so much.we talked for like 20mins and I can never stop asking and smiling and....gawsh.we really need to see each other.she's now in malacca studying.taking a course which way...out of our league,which here is a course about management etc. Ouh eya,I wonder do u hv any idea how much I missed u and how eager and ecstatic am I to hear your voice again.I'm so delighted that u still remember me and still....u're such a wonderful and delightful person I used to know before.mmmuachs!!

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