Monday, February 22, 2010

that bitch

youre hypocrite,selfish and self centered.u are all about you and yourself...and not to forget youre small lil world and soon youre gonna be miss nobody.please dont tell people what youre doing...well,on the other side youre actually not doing stink.i dont know how am i gonna be friends with you anymore.shame on you.


  1. omg. anda sgt marah ni.
    mengape yee...

    rilex okai babe.

    mari pukul budak itu. heheh. oh, me too emo pulak.

  2. ye agak la
    tp,mase ni tempoh marah hnyala bout 7-10mins hihi
    sbb perempuan berkenaan la

    skg sdg relax.fuh.

    ayuh pegi pukul
    uhh ohh.haha,yeah emo kan
    saya plak yg akan ckp,"khay relax2"


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