Saturday, February 27, 2010

it's been a while

late night entry posted
it's not this common...for me
posting entries to my blog in the depth of night
this one actually....
--hurm how should i put this into words
oke.this one actually goes to sarah
shes a blogger too,well u can click on her name to reach her blog
and a cute junior of mine

   so,here it goes;
   it's been a while i havent bake
   so,bout 4hrs ago i decided to make my cookies
   i missed baking so much that 
   i almost faint when i took out the butter
   and this sarah did aske me to post pictures of my cookies batch
   here they are
   only two shots alright
   the BEFORE


   the AFTER

   and now im friggin tired
   oven,cookies and tuning in to RADIO DISNEY 
   for the whole   night while 
   baking these guys ya know
   the heat is on
   gonna clean up myself and rush to my comfy bed
   hardly need my nap now
   nighty night u guys!

x x x x


  1. it looks tasty n delicious la..
    pandai akak beck msk.
    btw tq sbb post pic ni.
    hari ni sarah sgt lapar..
    tgk mknan ni ble jd kenyang.
    fuhh tq tq.

  2. i'll bring some nnt
    so that u can taste 'em to prove
    that your "it looks tasty n delicious la.." tu not just a sentence

    ala,sj ngade.
    ade sbb sket nk post entry hikhik
    laa,lapo ke
    tgk je kenyang ek.
    sgguh beruntung.

  3. hahaha masing masing 'gila isnin' sekejap


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