Thursday, February 25, 2010

the many faces of us

belows are some snapsnap we've made where "suapsuap" activity been held during the hangout

ros --to-- aca

ros --to-- beck

aca --to-ros

this is ros
u guys can click on her name,shes a blogger too

this is aca
currently doing her first degree on TESL

it's been quite some time we havent had such mini gathering like this
but we're so happy to get to meet each other that feb20th
aca had done smth crazy at the same day right before we met
we bumped into tirah and zola
we talked about almost everything
catching up on each other is so much fun
especially when u were like havent see each other for like
----- 5years!!
muuuachs to u girls!
yes,we---GIRLS...just wanna have fun

x x x x


  1. oh ohh nmpk gigi sy yg xde tu..!? *malunyeeeee2~*

  2. ish mn ade
    nampak ke.

    japjap nk check pic mn satu

    ha'a,yg berkenaan
    ala,xpe.bkn org tau pic mn satu pon.
    kite je yg tau
    btw sume pic cute kot ha-ha


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