Monday, February 08, 2010

VICTORY,but im gloomy and glum

what a great Monday
for the first time ever,im loving my Monday
Chelsea won over Arsenal 2-0
New Orleans Saints won over Indianapolis Colts

but lately im shaking quite often
[xkan la Parkinsons kot ha-ha]
while im on my scooter or driving
i felt that my body is shaking
not feeling well
and sometimes felt very exhausted
perhaps this is because of the weather
but,i dont know

as for zul and i,
lately im not seeing him much
bored of him perhaps
i ask him to not to bother me

...and im also been quite messy lately

feels like i want each and every person in
my life to stay away from me in a moment

x x x x


  1. cian kamu.

    mahu dtg bulan ka dear?

  2. hukhukhuk
    dtg bulaN??

    bru je smlm abis.


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