Sunday, February 14, 2010

so homey and comfy

well,hello and assalamualaikum u guys
how's your day.
it's been a while i havent update my blog.
haih *sigh*

now,im home
back in kota bharu
there's no place like home
im so happy to be home
seeing my brothers and baby sister
mom and baba
my cats
such happiness

homey and very comfy
miss home so mush as i havent been home for quite a while

... and i also can online using our PC
it's been a while also *haih*  =.=
my BearyBeck been driving me crazy lately
updating can be so much easier wt it
so,i was like...using lappy or PC...? time
so many to do,so lil timma
with the new version of UberTwitter,UberTwitter 7
arghhh,so convenient.

back at home,mom bought a brand new PC
im so turned-on by the new PC
20-inch LG wide LCD monitor

but,im going back tomorrow
but that's it.
"kerja tak boleh tinggal"

x x x x

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