Tuesday, July 06, 2010

my philly.

Look at her. Looks kinda glum. Am worried. I woke up early this morning as onichi said philly vomitted here and there. So I got up, clean all those mess. Thinking. Is there's something wrong with philly. Am looking forward to bring herr to see Dr Mell for check ups soon. In fact, it's been quite a while we haven't seen our beloved vet. Anyway, am in KL now. Arrived last night at abt 9.45p.m. So glad to be back here in KL. Am missing everything. Can't wait to get back on track on everything. Ngee XD XD. And sales. Gawsh. Got lotsa sales on these days. Can't wait also to put my hands on 'em. Hahaha. La Senza's, Hush Puppies', MNG's, Topshop, ZARA etc etc. And not to be forgotten WAREHOUSE Sales!! Mommy's home baby! Let's rock! *my heart's jumping+happydancing*

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