Sunday, July 04, 2010

somersaults baby.

told yah. my god. so blessed. my  o my. 4-nil babe! worth a somersault. haha. maradona might take cocaine tonight. dont cry yah. argentins out there. you slept like the three lions while at the battle field ya know. some said, us germany can enjoy this glory till Espanol beat us during the semi soon. spain better win. we're seeing you in the semi. aih. idk. still.cant say much. mom will get mad. but poor messi. such messed up. i believe argentina can do way better than this. word of advice for argentina, dont ever look back in anger alright. try again for the next 4years. ouh wait. f.o.u.r, right. DANG! u just got served! a friend of mine did reminds me that sume team players that involved in the FIFA WC ads dah kalah. LOL. Achtung! but our germany's counter attacks were all pretty fast tonight. these were what contributes to all the goals. argentina, u better check and as stated above. dont look back in anger.


  1. quite nervous for the next germany-vs-spain game but i know my darlings germany will their best ;)

  2. me too Wani. Espanol seems to macam nak belasah kita kaw kaw. Yeah. Always believe in our Nationalmannschaft.
    Deutschland geht für den Ruhm!
    *Germany go for glory!*
    Horns up.
    High hopes.
    If dapat masuk final, mmg cantik lah!
    Menang cup lagi cun!


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