Sunday, July 04, 2010

ohh emmi.

I'm doomed. Doomed. I forgot an important date. It's july the third. A blogger friend of mine' birthday!. Emmi natasha. Her birthday. Am posting this entry using my beary beck blackberry cause am so not home now. Darn. I ddnt wish her, not even on fb or formspring. Adeh. She might disappointed in me for not wishing her on her special day. Fun fact abt this blogger, she did posted an entry on me. Funny right. But yet, very sweet. Have never had someone posted an entry on me before. *there was, once. But that' s on photo editing* . --so, here it is.
Emmi natasha, Happy Belated 22nd Birthday. Really sorry for being late. But I supposed, I can make it up by posting this entry. XP Hihihi. Very hoping that emmi had a joyful moment during your birthday. May Allah always showering you and your loved ones with His blessing. Will be praying for emmi's happiness and success, and together a wonderful lovely relationship with your bf, Aiman. It's good to have such nice friend like you. Long live emmi. X). *hwugs & kishes* mmmuachs~

and here. am dedicating this one good song for you emmi. you should listen. it made my day and am sure you'll love it too.
*Now Playing on my iTunes, Dance Forever by The AllStar Weekend*
best. enjoy emmi!

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