Saturday, July 17, 2010

USHER baby!

had a great July 7 this year. me went to usher concert with my best friend. gawsh. it was phenomenal. the performance. opening by Mizz Nina. the dancers. Usher himself. cant stop smiling ya know. thou missed to go to KL Live for Showdown 2010 "Show Me What You Got" night, but am  super happy to be at Bukit Jalil. it's Usher baby. not everyday you got a day like this. reminiscing those old and brand new songs. ahh. i was like physically happy and almost losing my voice afterwards.ya know.  with all the shoutings and sing-a-long and screaming crazy out loud etc etc. whoa! just love it.

p/s: there are few pics from Ira's. thanks for those, babe. and for those who follows my twitter, ya know i updated almost everything there right. so y'all must have found out that am craaaaaazy for this. i even tweeted few pics during th show.crazy baby. crazy. am so happy that i could die. thank you y'all.


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