Thursday, July 01, 2010

pagi semua.

uhh ohh. today woke up kinda late for Subuh. but still 6.30a.m *yaaaaawn*. i didnt cook anything for breakfast today. planning for some pancakes, but naaah. it's already late. as usual, helping my two lil monsters for school, drive 'em and drop them off at the zebra crossing. there is a 'pakcik' to guide 'em to cross the road. *yawn again* pretty sleepy this morning. we had toast for breakfast today. and as usual also, baba will brew our morning coffee and definitely just for syukri, nescafe tarik. special edition. as i returned home, i drop by at ayah's mushroom barn. as ayah there, checking up on his mushrooms to be picked and selected. i got these guys from ayah.

so happy. so, there will crispy flour-coated mushrooms in today's lunch menu. yeay! look at these guys. arent they gorgeous. they're big and fresh. and belows are before ayah picked 'em up. uhh ohh mushy mushrooms. ngaha!

i think am gonna head back to bed. kinda sleepy lor. just for few minutes nap i think. again *yawn*. still, my runny nose havent stop yet. i really hope that it wont lead to demam or whatsoever (WSE). gawsh. i took my prescription alright. but still. urghh. oh how i wish i could make this flu go away. till then y'all, have a wonderful Thursday and a great week ahead. be nice to people and will udpate my blog soon. *hwugs*

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