Saturday, July 03, 2010

err.. whoopie. *lamest face ever*

gawsh. am super nervous. germany V. argentina tonight at 2200hrs. ouch. this quarter finals really unease me. hadhoooi. seeing argentina kinda. idk. for me argentina is nothing. other than if messi can do magic and stuff, they might win tonights' match. they indeed a great team and got talented players. really looking forward for my Nationalmannschaft to see Spain in the semi. too bad samba kick off last night ended up a victory for oranje. italy out. brazil out. only one team of me rooting on now. germany.  Let's go Germany! Klose, Podolski, and Mueller. Finish argentina off tonight. anything can be happened tonight. pape pn, england kita dh beat with 4 - 1. *bhaha* kick maradona from this football arena, then we all be happy. ngee. cant say much. cant be cocky much. mom will get mad. just watch the gonna and pray for our victory. aih. let's send another team home.

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