Monday, December 12, 2011

It will turn out fine.

I woke up. I feel weird. The whole Selangor state is having their holiday as Sultan Selangor' birthday is happening today. Meanwhile us in KL still have to wake up at the break of dawn, getting ready for work etc etc. As I stared myself in the mirror, I felt bizarre. I don't know why. But I kinda felt a deep connection with what,whom, idk. It's just too strange for me. Today.

For as I took my ignorance into a whole new level today, I looked away. Peek no longer into that reflective, glass coated with metal amalgam, I went for my morning shower. Continued with Subuh prayer, get dressed and put on my make up etc. Am ready for my Monday.

Still. I can't get this eerie feeling out of me. Seriously, I don't know what is causing it. But I gotta make a move. Keep on moving, getting thru with my daily thingy.

Onichi drove me to Central KL today coz she's rushing to the Parliament. I took the LRT straightaway to Ampang Park and surprise surprise. I bumped into Manap in the coach. He greeted me with a solemn smile, pat both my cheeks saying, "Assalamualaikum". I was so happy.

So happy that I didn't realize I'm in tears. But they don't really touch my sweet cheeks. It felt like I haven't seen him for years. So many to tell. Too much. Too many to list down. They're just too much. . Awwwh. He said, " Dah, kau kalau jumpa aku mula la. Nak nangis ha. Aku tau sangat. Banyak cite la tu. ".

Hªªhªhªªhªªhªhªª. Yes. Looking into his eyes, idk why. Everything backfires on me. Flashing in my eyeballs. I see lotsa things. Idk. Emotion lingers. He wanna buy me breakfast, but I said no as I'm already late for work. So I decided, lunch together today. And he nodded.

He walked me till Ampang Park's 7E as I stopped him, "Dahla. Kau nak gi gym kat FF kan. Tapayah escort aku bagai. Aku boleh jalan sendiri hahahaa. Kau sepatutnya turun KLCC kan. Hosho. Dah. I see you during lunch je. Nanti kita sembang bagai la. "

I continued my way, paced at a breathtaking speed. Thinking of nothing. But still, very odd on the inside. Empty perhaps.

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