Tuesday, May 19, 2009

don't thank me

dear friend,
i do not know how to explain about all these
but i do know some things
we care about what people say all the time about us
about u,your friend,your family or anything all around u...
...thou u said that u didn't care,but u actually did
well yes,we just love to hear all the good things about us
but do bare in mind friend,
if u said that the friend who love to say those
good things and praise u 24-7,was your best friend
well u got that wrong,totally
good friend won't always say the greatness of you
they are those who care and stick with you whenever u need 'em
they dare to scold u,stop u to do some stuffs sometimes

dare u to say that i betray and left our friendship etc.
u are the one who didn't realize the pureness and sincerity i put
in our friendship
i try to care u on my best,take u as my to priority
try to not to hurt u
but,u should have know that life is actually not that sweet and wonderful at all
there are bitterness and things that lacking
i try to make u happy as i could
but i guess u just don't realize that and u seems didn't care at all

but still,if you need me.
hit me.
i am still be here for u whenever u need me
i do know i am not perfect,but i try to be one
i always keep our friendship held high

hope that we'll last .

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