Sunday, May 10, 2009

let's do this

omigosh omigosh
can't wait to be home
to see my family and brothers and sisters
i miss 'em so so much

"you can change your hair
you can change your clothes
you can your mind 
'coz that's the way it goes
you can say goodbye, you can say hello
but you're always find the way back home...

you can change your style 
you can change your dream
you can laugh and cry
but everybody knows
you will always find your way back home"

exactly, i'll always find my way back home
here it is
me and my onichi got everything prepared
at about 7 p.m. we begin our journey
but before that,we went to Cat Centre at
Jln Beserah, owned by our beloved Dr. Jawahir,
a very kind-hearted vet to buy Hill's Science Plan Feline Adult Tuna 
as for kakaaang. Lyna will come and get the pack as
we are quite rushing so that we won't arrive too late 

we also stopped by the Mc Donald's Drive-Thru Telok Chempedak to grab
something to eat cause onichi was like  so annoying complaining that
she's so hungry.
ok then,we ordered one large set of McChicken and regular set
of Double Cheese Burger with iced Milo and Coca cola.
then we received one chocolate sundae as McD's appreciation 
to Drive-Thru users hahaha.whatever.i like it.

first 2hours,onichi was driving....until 8.45 p.m. she asked
me to take over the car as she said that her shoulder's hurt so bad
so,we pulled over by the road...and i took over
 we really didn't expected that it's gonna rain last night

in the beginning,the rain did showered quite a few drops
then about 5mins later,it was a huge splash
i can't believe it
onichi was sleeping like a baby...i supposed
cause i saw her was so quiet and calm
and then she did asked me wether i'm ok or not
i said,i'm ok [thou my eyes was quite blurred and i'm actually rabun haha]
but i was actually really am okay
still can see hehe
during the heavy shower, there are lightnings all over the sky
quite scarred sometimes but,
.... i do feel grateful to Allah and the lightnings
cause it could help me to see better as the lightning stroke
so,as i drove along the night... i changed the radio station from to
TraxxFM. . . and again, i couldn't believe it, TraxxFM aired most of the song
from my favorites haha. thanks TraxxFM...maybe Traxx do knew that
in my onichi's car there's none of her CDs are great with good songs haha

oh gosh,the rain was so heavy and thick
so we stopped at a Petronas gas station in Bandar Permaisuri
as the weather is getting cold and colder, we really need the toilet haha

...and i again, continuing my drive to kelantan
we arrived at about 11.30 p.m. and been welcomed warmly
by my sibling
so very happy to be home
...yet,so tired and felt like i was totally drained

sleep time after that


  1. hujan?? Bile subang jaya nak hujan nieeeee!!! ergh! im so damn hot!


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