Monday, May 11, 2009


aaaah,being home is the best
got mom,baba and everyone with me haha
... but not to forget,onichi's preparation

for what?hahahaha

it's for her big day

my onichi's getting married

we've started the preparation since the day
she got engaged

my, oh my

lots of work needs to be done
since i arrived home here,in are my do's


yesterday... went to the furniture plaza to help onichi
and mom to pick onichi's new bedroom set for her 'new' room
then we went to 3 bridal houses to pick the best 'singgahsana' thou our kenduri will be like just simple XD
... not to forget make-up and outfits for the bride and grooms

lots and lots of things need to settle

i even drove mom to the hardware and tiles shop to order new tiles since we do renovate 45% of our house and also enlarge with additional two rooms.

hehehe can't wait

here are some snap snap of what we're having during these 2,3 days

at Small Garden,Kuantan

so reds!

tengku lelyna was here with us as well

the bride a.k.a my ONICHI

me me me

haih~ while at the bridal house,her project manager called
work work work
what to do

what happened to me...?

at Mega Lace,Kota Bharu

Small Garden's

Suzanne's Bridals

p/s: i might post the wedding invitations card soon in this page.... so, wait for it ah hehe


  1. alaa best nye .nak kawen jugakk :P

  2. best pulak..ahhaha kau ni sj je kan gatai nk kawen jugak.g la ajak mr. apizi kawen kikiki :DD


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