Friday, May 01, 2009

there's a moment in time ...*sigh*

i got 6 miscalls from zul last night
saying that he barely able
to breath.
i don't know what had happened
because, i was technically
already asleep at that time
it was 3.45 a.m., so very early in the morning
even the bird still having nap at this moment

he said that he did called
but i didn't picked up
he thought that i don't want him anymore
well,actually... YES

so, this morning he came
absolutely UNINVITED force me to go out with him
haiya, whatever. i said that i have never had
such people forcing me that way and
i haven't had my bath yet. but he insisted
so, i asked him to wait for about half and hour
so that i could prepare myself... since i just woke up

so, the story begin
he said that last night while he arrived home
which i don't know at what time
but, i'm very sure late
he read messages from me saying that:

don't look out for me anymore
i'm fed up with you, everything about you and etc.
go find someone else better bla bla bla . . .

he said at that time, was like can't really breath well
he was like gasping for air
so, he decided to go to some clinic nearby
but no clinic opened at that kind of time
so zul drove to HUKM and ask for check ups
the doctor said that: 

u haven't had enough rest lately
in fact, u're working in a fully air-conditioned office
and that puts you exposed to dehydration and tiredness

doc got him sent to an area referring as
"ruang bantuan oksigen
in my own words,
where he had been put oxygen mask
for about some moments
when he done,
he went home.

that's it.
he said nobody know about this
except for

hurm... well, i want him to find someone who's
a better person to take care of him. i am not able to do that.
'cos i'm naughty. love to play around, rude, i'm bad etc.
he used to barely able to breath before this
many times
at that time, i know that this is serious
my mom did asked me to tell zul to tell his family
but,he just
DIDN'T said,i can never let my son be like that
look at your abang, chah. almost every week i called him
i can never let my son be alone, even any of my child
i replied:
i don't know mom, sometimes i just don't understand life

no matter what happen
i will try to help you ... in many ways
maybe we can just be friends
u know how i care about my friends right
so, it's ok for us to be friends


  1. :'( a really sad story.. how can dis all happened dear?? b strong lil girl.. :)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. it is?i dont know la myme,sometimes im not strong enough to go through this life.but,that's why we are here right? yes,i'll be stronger from now on...i'll try.thanks a lot myme...luv ya!


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