Tuesday, May 19, 2009

yesterday and the day before yesterday

haha well good day everyone
nothing much to talk about here

the day before yesterday...

i made some vanilla french toasts
so yummy nyumm nyumm...
while tasting the pinch of vanilla that melt together with the sweetness of milk and splattered egg...
..... (T.T) i miss my mom's very own homemade french toast
miss u la mom.
can't wait to be home again

when i was lil,mom just love to make french toast every morning
awwww~ reminiscing while craving

this is my very own vanilla french toast haha

.... oke. there.settled
meanwhile this one took place on yesterday 

i went to IIUM,Gombak
headed to Mahallah Halimatus Saadiah
pick up Salsyabilla a.k.a. Salsya
get her out from the tense of studies and anything in between about IIUM
[ hahahahaha :DD ]
we went to Old Town White Coffee at Platinum Walk,Danau Kota
chit and chat and chit and chat
giggling and schmoozing hak3~
then i sent her back to IIUM at about 10.45p.m.

i'm planning to hang out again with her soon
maybe heading towards Masjid Jamek 'coz she would like to show me lots of pretty shawls and tudung 
cant wait.

and not to forget
we did watched P.U.S.H yesterday at The Mid Valley's GSC
really love the action by Dakota Fanning.
i heart u dakota
mmmmuachs :DD


  1. waa..
    nk gk..
    wt la ke aku..

  2. lewh,mirah..jgn kabor gitu.
    bile mu balik malaysia.
    aku wat ke mum nnt ek
    kalu mu balik oyak ar kt aku ek
    aku wat ke mum special hehe.insyaAllah

  3. nak rase vanilla french toast tuh !!
    hehehe :)

  4. aku nak jugak beb...

    weh best tak cite PUSH??

  5. maira adreanna:nk rase ke?hehe.meh aku wat.kasi kau rase.

  6. khal_ella:ala geng.meh la.aku wat byk2.kasi korg makan :DD

    PUSH?blh thnla.action dia aku kasi 9/10.tp cite dia agk tergantung la.g ah tgk.pstu cite kt aku haha


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