Tuesday, May 05, 2009

my meal

this one posted for fazmee
haha as he just love to look at my meal i ate.
i just dont know why.
i supposed he just like to eat,maybe

fuzz,i know you're reading this haha

enough about fazmee
here,about today
i do nothing.
haven't start my study on control systems yet
but,i WILL
dnt worry
i woke up at 11a.m. today
i got up, preparing my brunch
i had my banana pancakes today
yum yumm yummy~

and for lunch
which i'm having now while posting this entry
green and red coral salads with beef sausages+chicken fingers
simple one
i use no salad dressing
'coz i've forgot to buy one
my previous french salad dressing is already empty

uh?got chicken?
YEAH,i know, i'm allergic to chicken
but it's ok,i got my pills ready haha
so,reddish rashes... go AWAY~!!
 as for tonite's dinner and supper
i dont know what to cook yet
mybe i'll figure about that sooner
when i'm hungry :D


  1. xde resipi ke beck?? hohoho..
    owh, gtl mahu mkn ayam erk. kang jd trok bru tau. hoho.

    g blaja lah!!

  2. mau recipe-kah??nnt la.beck post di mase akan datang haha...
    ha'a,agak gatal makan ayam pd itu hari
    sy cuba utk menahan each and every day

    baik baik
    saye blaja skg


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