Wednesday, June 30, 2010


am a pancake lover ya know. as today i woke up early, prepping my two lil monsters for school. take over Mom's  role for about a moment. Mom's away for 3days. She flew to KL yesterday for some kind of meeting related to her job. Baba sent her to the airport as her flight was scheduled at 1630hrs. so, back to the title. ngaha. quite bored today. my runny nose still lingering and being quite inappropriate to me. 
*nak keluar tak kasi salam pon. ceh!* 
lately kinda lots of errands that i got from people surrounding me. but am okay with it. i'd love to help people especially my loved ones. i got to fix the toilet flusher, cook (sometimes), drive my relatives to the grocery store, unlock the accidentally locked door knob, be a runner for almost everything, drive my lil monsters to school, picked 'em up, prepping for meals, laundry, dishes, feeding the cats, grant all wishes and kemahuan my siblings, helping my cousin with her essay as she's applying to study in the UK, write testimony, helpingmy friend to register the ePinjaman for PTPN and such. aih. etc etc. so many things to do, you see. but i do understand, these are actually common daily routines. i have no problem with all those. i know am not the only person dealing with all of these homeworks. listing just for fun alright. so, i found this one game. flash game to be exact. that clickclick games thingy ya know. as above, it's the fluffy fluffy away game. cute ya know. as mentioned above, ama huge fan of pancakes and waffles etc etc. in this game, i need to prepare the ingredients, batter and lastly serving the pancakes. such baby game. very easy. u just have to click whatever u see. piece of junk right. no. piece of cake, i mean. ehe. the character is so cute, named Emily the little chef. you should try. if you got nothing to do la. this is the url. u can just click it. lotsa game here. maybe some of you out there have seen or been to this page. 
*ala,page ni femes kot.saje je nk iklan kot kot ade yang tak tahu*
click FRIV.
there. happy clicking. dont get bored. have a great Wednesday.   

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